Parity UI Introduction and Installation

Parity UI Introduction and Installation



Parity is one of the most popular Ethereum client after Geth that helps to connect to Ethereum blockchain network. Parity claimed to be most fast and secure way to interact with Ethereum blockchain.

In this blog, we discuss about Parity UI and show you how to install Parity UI on windows system. Before we move to installation phase, we need to understand few things here.

Before parity version 1.10 we use to have only one installer but 1.10 version onwards, Parity splits parity Ethereum client and Parity UI so you use Parity client to connect with Ethereum blockchain and Parity UI as user interface.

There are two ways to work with Parity as mentioned below.

  1. Download parity client, connect with Ethereum blockchain and then install Parity UI and that Parity UI provide user interface on top of already running parity client.
  2. Download only Parity UI and then run that. In this case Parity UI download the latest version of parity client in the background and use that to connect with Ethereum blockchain.

We are going to focus on option 2 in this blog and we discuss about option 1 in next blog.

To download the parity UI, you can visit the below link and download the installer.

We recommend to download the stable version instead of beta version.

Parity UI Installer

Parity UI Installer

Click on the exe file and install it.

Now next step is to connect to Ethereum network from this Parity UI. By default parity UI connect with Ethereum mainnet blockchain so just go to below folder and run Parity Ui file.

C:\Program Files\Parity Technologies\Parity UI (This may vary for you).

But in case you want to connect to other networks like Ropsten etc. then you need to specify using command prompt as mentioned below.

  • Open the command prompt and drag Parity UI file that is there under C:\Program Files\Parity Technologies\Parity UI folder to command prompt.
  • Run --chain=ropsten command to run in full mode and run --chain=ropsten --light to run in light mode.
Parity UI Command

Parity UI Command


Once we run this command, you see it open the Parity UI interface and start downloading the blockchain data.

Parity UI Interface

Parity UI Interface

After some time, node will be in sync and warning message disappear.

There are different things that we can do in Parity UI, one is we can access wallet and create accounts and transfer the ethers and that has been shown in the video, you can go over the video to see how to create account in Parity wallet.

Parity UI wallet

We can also develop smart contract by clicking on "Develop Contracts" option as you can see in above screen shot.

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