iOS For Beginner

What is iOS ?

Basic Needs before start building iOS apps:

• Objective ­ c
• Apple Machine
• XCode
• Design Tools


To build iOS apps we need to have basic understanding of some programming languages. Even new non programmers can also start from basics to build iOS apps. There are two thing to follow to build iOS apps. First learn about objective cprogramming. It’s based on C programming concepts. But non programmers can start with basic syntax of C and then start with Objective c. Second one is to learn iOS development programming. Objective ­c language is used by Apple to develop Max OS and iOS apps. But later all OS are written in new language called SWIFT. So we recommended for new developers is to start with Objective ­c first and later on move to SWIFT.

Sketch & photoshop are design tools. We can use these design tools to make a design for our iOS app and we can also preview that in XCode. Most developer use these type of design tools before start developing iOS apps. So that, it will be help full to know how our app looks before building that.

So till here we discuss about programming languages and what is iOS?. Now let see what are the tools & machines needs to build iOS apps. First we need to use apple machine like “Mac Book”. So if anyone need to build nice iOS app then we recommended to use Apple machine and the tool called “XCode”. This is the famous tool used to build iOS apps. Xcode is an IDE and it is an interface where you code for iphone app.

And You can get more information about the history of :


Apple documentation :

Once you finish this tutorial then you can look at this Apple documentation. It’s nothing but a guidance provided by Apple. We can get the new updates about the method , syntax , properties through this documentation. Let’s have a look onApple Documentation. If You have any doubt about iOS programming or bugs about tool or method declaration you can refer to apple documentation. You can check Apple forums for more updates and solution for your programming.

Whenever new version are updated from apple ,they help developers to know about the new updates using wwdc. You can get more videos to know about every year version updates in WWDC . You can get the news and new technologies of apple here .

At the end of this tutorial or in each respective chapters you will get the separate link to follow or to download the tools we are using here. You can make use of that and start building your very first iOS apps

Let’s start with programming languages to start building iOS apps. Happy coding !

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