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What is Android ?

Basic Needs before start building Android apps:

• Java
• Any Machine (windows/Mac)
• Android Studio
• Design Tools

Why Android:

• Open Source
• High Market Ratio
• Large scope for android development


Learning Android is much simple if you understand the concepts clearly. If you don’t have any java knowledge it’s ok but you must be strong with oops concepts and if you are strong in basic fundamentals then the future programming will be very easy to learn and you can start building android application.


To get started with android development you need to use eclipse as editor and download the android SDKs from android official website. Although you can use other editors but it is easy to configure and develop application in eclipse.

Photoshop is design tool and we use this design tool to make a design for android app. Most developers use design tool before start developing android apps to see how app look like before building it (Like prototype).

To build Android application we should learn some programming languages. Even new non programmers also can start from basics to build android apps with some basic concept of oops. The first beta version of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) was released by Google in 2007 where as the first commercial version, Android 1.0 was released in September 2008.The source code for Android is available under free and open source software licenses.

Now we explain the android frameworks and libraries and the architecture of android is a stack of software components which is roughly divided into five sections and four main layers

Android Libraries:

  • android.content
  • android.db
  • android.os
  • android.opengl
  • android.text
  • android.view
  • android.webKit


Android Frameworks:

  • Activity Manager
  • Resource Manager
  • Content Manager
  • View System
  • Notification Manager


Scope for Android Development:

Now a days there are around 1 million android phone users, that too increasing and also more and more android apps also increasing in play store. If one have good programming knowledge and understand the app concept correctly, then they are almost welcome to android development job’s.

Android Documentation:

Once you start finish this tutorial then you can look out this Android Reference. It’s nothing but a guidance provided for android. We can get the new updates about the method , syntax , properties. If You have any doubts about programming or bugs about tool or method declaration you can refer with android reference documentation.

At the end of this tutorial or in each respective chapters you will get the separate link to follow or to download the tools we are using here. You can make use of that and start building your very first android apps

Also you will get the separate link to get the api reference, eclipse link, SDK tool downloading link, all android versions link in upcoming chapters

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