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Deploy smart contracts to TestNet Blockchain

This is lesson 5 of Ethereum development beginner guide and this lesson shows how to deploy smart contracts to testnet blockchain. You can watch below video to go in more detail.

In last lesson, we saw how to deploy smart contract to ganache blockchain and ganache blockchain is local blockchain. In real world , before we go-live with any functionality, we need to test that thoroughly.

Let's see how to deploy smart contract to Ropsten which is one of the test Ethereum blockchain. Before we proceed to that, we need to add Metmask chrome extension, that will help us to connect to Ropsten blockchain. You can watch video to see the steps in detail.

We can create accounts using Metamask and need to add Ether to that accounts so that we can perform the smart contract deployment. Once that is setup then we are ready to deploy our smart contract.

Now let's see how to deploy. Open the remix IDE and go to "Run" option. Choose "Web3 Provider" option from drop down .

This connect to Rospten network using Metamask. Now we can click on deploy and smart contract get deployed on Ropsten network.

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