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Interview Question-Web Service

Question: Which JSON framework is supported by iOS?
Answer: We use the NSJSONSerialization class to convert JSON to Foundation objects and convert Foundation objects to JSON.

An object that may be converted to JSON must have the following properties:

● The top level object is an NSArray or NSDictionary.
● All objects are instances of NSString, NSNumber, NSArray, NSDictionary
● All dictionary keys are instances of NSString.
● Numbers are not NaN or infinity.

Question: What is webservice?
Answer: To get data in form of xml ,by using this we can get data from a server.

Question: What is parsing?
Answer: To get data from web service we use parsing.

Question: which xml parser we use on iphone?
Answer: “NSXML” Parser.

Question: Which type of parse does iphone support?
Answer: “SAX” parser.

Question: Name those classes used to establish connection b/w application to webserver?

Question: Tell the difference between DOM and SAX Parser?
a)Dom is “documents based parser” (i.e Tree Base Documentation).
b)SAX is a event driven parser

Question: Name three method of NSXML parser.
(1)did start element (2)did end element (3)found character.

Question: Tell methods used in NSURLConnection
(1)Connection did receive Response
(2)Connection did receive Data
(3)Connection fail with error
(4)Connection did finish loading.

Question: What is jsonparser?
Answer: JSON(Java script object notation)is a parser used to get data from web Server.

Question: By default which things are in the application?
Answer: iPhone applications by default have 3 things

1. main: entry point of application.
2. Appdelegate: perform basic application and functionality.
3. Window: provide uiinterface.

Question: Name data base used in iphone?
(1)Sql lite (2)Plist 3)Xml (4)Core Data

Question: Tell four frameworks used in iphone?
(1)Ui kit framework
(2)Map kit framework
(3)ADI kit framework
(4)Core data framework
(5)core foundation framework

Question: Difference between HTTP and HTTPS.
● HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, whereas, HTTPS is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.
● HTTP transmits everything as plan text, while HTTPS provides encrypted communication, so that only the recipient can decrypt and read the information. Basically, HTTPS is a combination of HTTP and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This SSL is that protocol which encrypts the data.
● HTTP is fast and cheap, where HTTPS is slow and expensive.
● As, HTTPS is safe it’s widely used during payment transactions or any sensitive transactions over the internet. On the other hand, HTTP is used most of the sites over the net, even this blogspot sites also use HTTP.
● HTTP URLs starts with “http:// “ and use port 80 by default, while HTTPS URLs stars with “https:// “ and use port 443.
● HTTP is unsafe from attacks like maninthemiddle and eavesdropping, but HTTPS is secure from these sorts of attacks.

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