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App Store Process

In this chapter we are going learn very most important concept that is App store process. It is nothing but, when we build android apps we need to upload that to play store , so that you can get the user experience in your application. It’s help us to improve our design, coding, some time we can start building highfy apps. You know how?.The basic thing is, whenever we upload our app in play store, user can download from play store and they review and share comments in our profile.

Before we ship any app in play store, we need to have Google developer account ( membership), then only we can be able to upload apps in play store

The play store has been built to make discovering relevant apps, games and other content simple and pleasurable. User can browse over 30 categories of ranked apps.They can also discover popular and trending apps from one of the ‘top charts’

Get Started with publishing

Start publishing on Google Play in minutes by:

• Registering for a Google Play publisher account
• Setting up a Google payments merchant account, if you will sell apps or in-app products.
• Exploring the Google Play Developer Console and publishing tools.
When you’re ready, use the Start button to go to the Developer Console.

Register for a publisher Account

• Visit the Google Play Developer Console.
• Enter basic information about your developer identity — name, email address, and so on. You can modify this information later.
• Read and accept the Developer Distribution Agreement for your country or region. Note that apps and store listings that you publish on Google Play must comply with the Developer Program Policies and US export law.
• Pay a $25 USD registration fee using Google payments. If you don’t have a Google payments account, you can quickly set one up during the process.
• When your registration is verified, you’ll be notified at the email address you entered during registration.

The reason behind the fees is to keep away from fake people, duplicate account and hence keep out unnecessary and worst apps flooding the play store.

Once you pay the initial fees, you have a fully Functional google play Developer account through which you can publish as many apps as you want (free/monetized)

Set up a Google payment Merchant Account 

If you want to sell priced apps , in app purchase , or subscription , you will need  a Google payment merchant account.You can set one up  at any time.But first review the list of Merchant countries

To set up a Google payment merchant account 

• Sign in to your Google Play Developer Console Here.
Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 1.40.36 am


• Open Financial reports on the side navigation.
• Click Setup a Merchant Account now.

This takes you to the Google payments site; you’ll need information about your business to complete this step.

Explore the Developer Console

When your registration is verified, you can sign in to your Developer Console, which is the home for your app publishing operations and tools on Google Play.



You can get more info from Google Developer Console

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