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Interview Question- Android Core

Question:What are the notifications available in android?

  • Toast Notification − It will show a pop up message on the surface of the window
  • Status Bar Notification − It will show notifications on status bar
  • Dialogue Notification − It is an activity related notification.


Question:Is there a case wherein other qualifiers in multiple resources take precedence over locale?
Answer: Yes, there are actually instances wherein some qualifiers can take precedence over locale. There are two known exceptions, which are the MCC (mobile country code) and MNC (mobile network code) qualification.

Question:What is the order of dialog-box in android?
Answer: Positive, Neutral, Negative.

Question:What is a Sticky Intent?
Answer: A Sticky Intent is a broadcast from sendStickyBroadcast() method such that the intent floats around even after the broadcast, allowing others to collect data from it

Question:What is drawable folder in android?
Answer: A compiled visual resource that can used as backgrounds,banners, icons,splash screen etc

Question:Which kernal is used in android?
Answer: Android is customized Linux 3.6 kernel.

Question:What are the core components under the Android application architecture?
Answer: There are 5 key components under the Android application architecture: Services, intent, resource externalization, notification, content provider

Question: Is it possible to use or add a fragment without using a user interface?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to do that, such as when you want to create a background behavior for a particular activity. You can do this by using add(Fragment,string) method to add a fragment from the activity.

Question:What is AAPT?
Answer: AAPT is an acronym for android asset packaging tool. It handles the packaging process.

Question:What are the different storages available in android?
Answer: Shared Preferences,Internal Storage,External Storage,SQLite Databases and Network Connection

Question: What is a Sticky Intent in android?
Answer: Sticky Intent is also a type of intent which allows the communication between a function and a service for example,sendStickyBroadcast() is perform the operations after completion of intent also.

Question:What is AIDL?
Answer: AIDL, or Android Interface Definition Language, handles the interface requirements between a client and a service so both can communicate at the same level through interprocess communication or IPC. This process involves breaking down objects into primitives that Android can understand. This part is required simply because a process cannot access the memory of the other process.

Question: Why can’t you run java byte code on Android?
Answer: Android uses DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine ) rather using JVM(Java Virtual Machine), if we want, we can get access to .jar file as a library.

Question: How to change application name after its deployment?
Answer: It’s not truly recommended to change application name after it’s deployment, if we change, it will impact on all other internal components.

Question:Define the application resource file in android?
Answer: JSON,XML bitmap.etc are application resources.You can injected these files to build process and can load them from the code

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