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In this course, we have learned the basic java programming and android development. here are some few tips How to become a good programmer in android.

1. If you don’t have any programming experiences before,then you should start from Java. The books I recommend would be Head first Java and Thinking in Java.
2. OK,now you know how Java works and you are sure that you have a good understanding of  java . So you are going straight to android development now,and there is no doubt that you should visit com and start your training by reading the official articles in this website.
3. practice and have to write a lot of code and try to build some real projects by your own, and you should have the ability to solve problems once you are in trouble.
4. Just start to work and never doubt yourself and NEVER GIVE UP.
So, Now let start implement simple java programs and some android development. Basically every newbie should start with some simple android app. And from that simple app go ahead with adding some new functionality.

Then we are sure you will get some technical knowledge and sure you will learn some hard functionality apps.

And for newbies , please go some conferences and get some developer speeches. That will inspire you lot to become a good programmer.And day by day android apps are increasing. So the job opportunity will be huge , if you have good confident and good concept understanding.

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With this tutorial, you will get the sample project and some interview question. In upcoming you will get more blogs and more projects in android development.

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