Go Language Setup on Windows

Go Language Setup on Windows

Go language is one of powerful language that we use in Blockchain development, it is heavily used in Hyperledger Fabric development. In case you are new to blockchain and trying to understand and learn Go language , very first thing you need to understand what is go language and how to setup that on your system so that you can play around with the syntax and start with HelloWorld sample.

There are two options to get started with Go language.

  1. Use Go Play ground where no installation is needed, you need to simply open the simply open https://play.golang.org/ URL in browser and you are good to go.
  2. Setup Go Lang in your system and start working on that.

This post explains what all steps you need to follow to setup Go Lang in your windows system. Let's see that steps.

Step 1: Very first step is to download the installer, for that go to https://golang.org/ site. Click on "Download Go" button and that should take you to next page.

Go Lang Windows Installation

Go Lang Windows Installation

Step 2: Click on Window MSI file which is window installer and that should download the installer for you.

Go Lang Installer

Step 3: Double Click on the installer to start with the installation, simply follow below steps after that.

All these steps should install Go Language in your system.

Step 4: Verify the installation, for that open the command prompt and run "go version" command and that should return go version.

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