Ethereum- Solidity Compiler

Ethereum- Solidity Compiler

Watch Video- How To Install Solidity compiler and use that to compile smart contract

In this blog post, you will learn how to install solidity compiler and how to use that to compile the code.

To install solidity compiler, Nodejs need to be installed on your system , if not then go to this video and see how to install Nodejs.

Now to install solidity compiler run below command.

npm install -g solc

This command install solidity compiler to your system, to validate if it is installed or not.

solcjs --version

This should provide the version of the solidity compiler.

Now to compile your code, you can run below command.

solcjs --bin student.sol

This command generate one bin file at same location that contains byte code.

You can run below command to generate abi of the contract.

solcjs --abi student.sol

This command create one abi file and that store the ABI of the smart contract.

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