Asset Introduction

Asset Introduction

Asset is one term that you hear most often when you work on Hyperledger Blockchain. In this post, we will explain about asset.


What is Asset ?

Asset in simple term is any item that is own by you. It can be a house, car or it can be loan on that house or car.


Types of Asset ?

There are two types of asset as shown below.

  • Tangible Asset
  • Intangible Asset



Asset Types


What is Tangible Asset ?

Any asset that you can touch is known as tangible asset. E.g house, car etc.


What is Intangible Asset ?

Any asset that you can't touch is intangible asset. E.g Loan on House or car etc.


Asset in Blockchain ?

Question comes, how asset is linked to Blockchain ?. If you are working with Hyperledger Blockchain then you will use asset every day.

You define the asset in Blockchain network as you transact on asset, like you can develop a solution in Blockchain where you change ownership of the car from you (seller) to purchaser so in this case, car is asset.


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