Remix IDE Installation on Windows

Remix IDE Installation on Windows

Remix is one of the key component in Ethereum blockchain, that helps to develop, deploy, test and debug solidity smart contracts. Remix comes in two flavor, one is browser based IDE and second is install-able IDE. To use browser based IDE , you just need to access "" URL and start developing smart contracts and for install-able IDE, you need to install it and use it in offline mode as well.

In this post, you will learn how to install Remix IDE on window operating system. For that follow below steps.

One of the pre-requisites for Remix IDE installation is, Nodejs need to be installed on your system, in case it is installed then move to Step 1, if it is not installed then go over the below link and see the NodeJs installation steps.

NodeJs installation for Windows

Step 1: Open the command prompt.

Step 2: Run below command to start the installation.

npm install remix-ide -g


Remix IDE Installation Windows Start

Remix IDE Installation Windows completed

Step 3: Run below command start the IDE.




Remix IDE Installation Windows Run


Step 4: Now open the below URL in browser.



Remix IDE Installation Windows IDE

Step 5: Access local folder from Remix IDE, for this go to file manager as shown below and click on "localhost connection".


Remix IDE Installation Windows Localhost connection

It open up new pop-up where you can see the details and click on connect link.


Remix IDE Installation Windows Connection

Then "localhost connection" become green and you see localhost appearing in the file explorer.


Remix IDE Installation Windows localhostRemix IDE Installation Windows localhost

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