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ServiceNOW : How to get personal ServiceNOW instance to start exploring
ServiceNOW : List & Forms Administration
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ServiceNOW : Scripts & APIs
ServiceNOW : Workflows
ServiceNOW : Service Catalog Module
ServiceNOW : Incident Management
ServiceNOW : Change Management
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ServiceNOW: Business Rules & basic functions
ServiceNOW: Business Rule- Sample Scripts
ServiceNOW: Client Script-Sample Scripts
ServiceNOW : Knowledge Management
ServiceNOW: Client Script & basic functions
ServiceNOW : Changes in Incident,Change & Service Catalog Module in Helsinki(latest version of ServiceNOW)
ServiceNOW : Reference Qualifier

ServiceNOW Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1 : CMDB
Part 3: SLA
Part 4 : Scripts
Part 5: Table & Data Dictionary
Part 6: ACL
Part 7: Workflow
Part 8: Service Catalog

Part 5: Table & Data Dictionary

Question: For the reference of any table column on any other form which of the activity is performed ?
Step 1: Go to the form or field & right click on the top banner & select Customise.
Step 2: then select :Dictionary.
Step 3: And check the display box of that table.

Question: How can you make a field visible in the reference field of another table?
Step 1: To make any field readonly by its dictionary user can go to the top banner & right click it & select the option CUSTOMIZE
Step 2: Select Dictionary
Step 3: Select option ReadOnly to TRUE
Step 4: SAVE the form & the field would be readonly now.

Question: which among the following module can be used to access fields
a. tables and columns
b. list
c. tables and fields
d. list control

Answer: c. Fields are the entity which stores value in any particular table. So to access any field you need to goto table.

Question: What does the available list composed of in the slush bucket ?
Answer: Table has multiple fields which are available in the dictionary , not all of them are displayed in the form. The fields that you want to display in the form are available in the SELECTED slush bucket whereas the fields which are available in dictionary but not displayed in the form are available in AVAILABLE slush bucket.

Question:Can we delete all tables?
Answer: Tables which are not created by users that is tables which are available by default in the system can not be deleted. Tables which are created by users, can be deleted at any time.

Question: If a table is created with label “ghi” which name will appear in dictionary for it?
Answer: Tables which are created by users have prefix : “u_”.

Question: Which is true for deleting of a table?
Answer: Any out of box table cannot be deleted.Once you click on delete , system will ask the user to type DELETE in the dialling box. Only if the entry by user matches DELETE keyword, system allows the user to delete that particular table.

Question: What are the steps to load the data from the spreadsheets?
Answer: To load data in servicenow instance you need to follow the steps mentioned below:
Step 1: Goto module : Load Data
Step 2: Create a new import set table or select any existing import set table
Step 3: Select the sheet you want to upload & select the sheet number.
Step 4: Click on Sane & then select the option of transform.
Step 5: Create a transform map by selecting CREATE TRANSFORM
Step 6: define mapping of fields & click on Mapping assist or auto map.
Step 7: Run the transform & data will be imported from sheet to respective target table in servicenow.

Question: Where is the data get stored?
Answer: table. Data is always stored in tables.

Question: To change the prefix of a Ticket Number which module of Service Now is used ?
Answer: Number Maintenance table is a module where admin can define the prefix of field value, its lenght & the starting number.

Question: Incident extends which table?
Answer: Incident is a extended table of a core table known as ‘Task’.

Question: What information is stored in Data Dictionary ?
Answer: Data dictionary is table which has the data of Database Structure of all the fields. Type, ,maximum length, properties like display, readonly, mandatory, unique, active , they all are stored in data dictionary.

Question: How to decide which application will be visible on logging?
Answer: Controlling the visibility can be done by assigning roles to the application and modules . Users with role defined in application will be able to view it . In case you want o control visibility of only table & fields , you can do  this by creating ACLS for required tables & fields.

Question: How can you make a field visible in the reference field of another table?
Answer: By right clicking on the field and personalising the dictionary then checking the display checkbox.

Question: on submitting the incident form , which among the following is correct
a.work notes get captured in the activity logs.
b.work notes gets overwritten in the work notes field
c.work notes value persists as such on the form while it also gets captured in the activity logs
d.on submitting the form the value of impact is calculated by adding priority and urgency

Answer: a. Work note field captures all the changes that are being done on the form .

Question: What is Data ?
Answer: Data is a record stored in table or any information which is stored in fields of any table.


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