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ServiceNOW : How to get personal ServiceNOW instance to start exploring
ServiceNOW : List & Forms Administration
ServiceNOW : Reporting Module
ServiceNOW : Scheduling and Publishing Reports
ServiceNOW : Scripts & APIs
ServiceNOW : Workflows
ServiceNOW : Service Catalog Module
ServiceNOW : Incident Management
ServiceNOW : Change Management
ServiceNOW : Configuration Management
ServiceNOW: Business Rules & basic functions
ServiceNOW: Business Rule- Sample Scripts
ServiceNOW: Client Script-Sample Scripts
ServiceNOW : Knowledge Management
ServiceNOW: Client Script & basic functions
ServiceNOW : Changes in Incident,Change & Service Catalog Module in Helsinki(latest version of ServiceNOW)
ServiceNOW : Reference Qualifier

ServiceNOW Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1 : CMDB
Part 3: SLA
Part 4 : Scripts
Part 5: Table & Data Dictionary
Part 6: ACL
Part 7: Workflow
Part 8: Service Catalog

Part 8: Service Catalog

Question: What is Service Catalog?
Answer: Service catalog is a module available in servicenow which is used to order inventory used in IT environment.

Question: Which of the following are available in Service Catalog?
Answer: Record Producer, Catalog Variables, Order Guides are available in service catalog.

Question: What is the purpose of an Order Guide?
Answer: An order guide gives customers an easy way to order multiple related items as a single request, It uses:
– A single initial screen, where the customer fills in some initial information.
– A set of selected catalog items based on conditions derived from the initial information.

Question: What does the order field in service catalog do?
Answer: It displays the catalog item in the ascending order of this value.

Question: What is the important factor to remember when a user is creating catalog variable?
Answer:  Catalog Variables are global by default.

Question: What is the purpose of a service catalog workflow?
Answer: Service catalog workflow used to create workflows to drive request fulfillment. Workflows can generate and assign approvals, generate and assign tasks, or run scripts and sub flows.

Question: Before creating the service catalog ,administrator should know which of the following thing ?
Answer – Catalog variables are global

Question: What activities can be performed by workflows ?
Answer : Sending approvals, notifications,complex fulfillment processes

Question: When you click on create an incident, reset an password, report an outage, where does it take you?
Answer: Record Producers

Question: In service catalog application,which module is responsible for creating items
a.maintain dynamic categories
b.maintain category
c. maintain items

Answer: c. To create a new item , user need to goto module : Maintain items & create a new item & variables.

Question: What does RITM stands for ?
Answer:  RITM stands for Requested Item

Question: Which among the following is true regarding coalesce ?
Answer: when a match is found between the data of source import set and destination production table, the existing record gets updated.

Question: How an administrator will access the fulfillment group in service catalog ?
Answer: – Request(REQ)-> requested item(RITM)-> Task

Question: What is the purpose of knowledge management?
Answer: To collect the articles, store them and republish them

Question: Can we have multiple cycles for approvals in catalog item?

Answer: Yes

Question: Content of service catalog ___________?
Answer: News,Gauges ,Catalog Items



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