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ServiceNOW : How to get personal ServiceNOW instance to start exploring
ServiceNOW : List & Forms Administration
ServiceNOW : Reporting Module
ServiceNOW : Scheduling and Publishing Reports
ServiceNOW : Scripts & APIs
ServiceNOW : Workflows
ServiceNOW : Service Catalog Module
ServiceNOW : Incident Management
ServiceNOW : Change Management
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ServiceNOW: Business Rules & basic functions
ServiceNOW: Business Rule- Sample Scripts
ServiceNOW: Client Script-Sample Scripts
ServiceNOW : Knowledge Management
ServiceNOW: Client Script & basic functions
ServiceNOW : Changes in Incident,Change & Service Catalog Module in Helsinki(latest version of ServiceNOW)
ServiceNOW : Reference Qualifier

ServiceNOW Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1 : CMDB
Part 3: SLA
Part 4 : Scripts
Part 5: Table & Data Dictionary
Part 6: ACL
Part 7: Workflow
Part 8: Service Catalog

Part 4 : Scripts

Question: what changes are stored in update sets?
Answer: Update sets stores all the customisation in any instance . It does not capture any data modification or any record added in any table , neither it stores scheduled job entries.

Question: System admin wants to change the prefix of incident number to INT , how it can be achieved?.
a.It is inbuilt, cannot be changed
b.Through Number Maintenance module
c.Through BR
d.Changing the system properties

Answer: b. Number Maintenance is a table which stores the prefix value of any table & ant field . It also stores the data of starting number & the number of digit the field should contain.

Question: In service now setup how would administrator will send notification after the instance has been upgraded.
a. by updating the notification “system upgraded” in notification module with the required user you want to send notification.
b. by writing a business rule
c. by writing a client script
d. in email logs by updating the notification “system upgraded” in email logs module with the required user you want to send notification.

Answer: a . System upgrade takes couple of hours to complete & it is recommended not to make any customisation at the time of upgrade so it advisable to configure a email notification so that once upgrade is done , users can again start their work.

Question: what is the difference between client script and business rule other than client script gets triggered on the client end and the business rule runs on the server side?
Answer: Client script is client side script which gets triggered on load of form, on change of a field or on submit of the form but the business rule is a server side code which gets triggered before or after the insert, update or delete operation.

Question: What is the technical term given to the technique of providing client the access to the web applications in web environment?
Answer: SOAP . It is simple object access protocol which is configured to expose your service to another instance to which you want to connect with.

Question: For ui policy to be apply on all views which among the following  should be check
a. on load
b. condition
c. global
d. run script

Answer: c. UI Policies are the APIs which are run on client side & they are used to change the visibility of any field any condition. UI policy can control visibility. it x=can make a field read only or mandatory. It has a field GLOBAL which once checked applies that particular policy to all the views.

Question: What is the Use of Transform Map ?
Answer: Transform map are used to map the source fields to target fields so that all the data in import set table get mapped to corrects fields in target table fields.  It determines how data is mapped onto a ServiceNow table by specifying the destination table.

Question: Which of the following option is an example of UI Policy ?
Answer: UI policies are used to make field  Mandatory , ReadOnly , Visible on the basis of some conditions.

Question: How to make a Business Rule global ?
Answer: Business Rules are server side codes which run on specific table but in case you want it to run on every database action you can select table as GLOBAL & make it as global Business rule . Now this Business rule will run on all tables whenever any database action has been performed.

Question: What is the use of Script Includes in Service Now ?
Answer: Script includes are the server side codes which can be called from anywhere in servicenow instance, they are basically created so that they can be reused . Instead of writing same code again and again it is advisable to write single code in script include and call it whenever wherever required.

Question: Difference between Business Rule & Client Script?
a. Business rule works on before insert, update delete in a database & client script works only on Submit.
b. Business rule works on before or after Insert, update delete in a database & client script works on Submit, on change, on Cell Edit & on Load.
c. There is no difference b/w the two.
d. Business Rule works on Browser side and client scripts works on Server side.
Answer: b. Business rule are server side codes which runs on database actions whereas client scripts are client side codes which run at any action performed in web browser.

Question: which among the following is correct regarding global business rule.
a.they are condition based
b.they can be operated on update,insert while not on delete,query
c. they are not client callable
d. they are executed before user and platform interaction

Answer: d. Business rules are server side codes whenever any action which hits database , it executes.

Question: What is for UI action used?
Answer: UI actions are used to create button . link. context menu in list layouts. They can be client or server side code depending upon your requirement. It has a field CLIENT which once checked , UI action accepts client side code.

Question: What is the use of Coalesce in Transform Map ?
Answer: coalescing on a field (or set of fields) means the field will be used as a unique key. If a match is found using the coalesce field, the existing record will be updated.

Question: UI actions are executed on client or server?
Answer: On both Client & server side by checking the Client field

Question: Difference between business rule & global business rule?
Answer: Business rule works on any table which is selected in the table field whereas Global business rule executes on GLOBAL table & runs on every database interaction.

Question: onChange client script runs on?
Answer: Onchange client scripts run whenever there is any change in the field specified in FIELD value in client script.

Question: Links, buttons, context menu action belongs to ?
Answer: They all belong to UI action, since UI action is created in case you want to create any one of these.

Question:What is data policy?
Answer- Data policy is same as UI Policy , only difference is that it runs on server side & it check the condition & defines the mandate/readonly property whenever data is loaded from server to the instance.


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