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ServiceNOW : How to get personal ServiceNOW instance to start exploring
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ServiceNOW : Scripts & APIs
ServiceNOW : Workflows
ServiceNOW : Service Catalog Module
ServiceNOW : Incident Management
ServiceNOW : Change Management
ServiceNOW : Configuration Management
ServiceNOW: Business Rules & basic functions
ServiceNOW: Business Rule- Sample Scripts
ServiceNOW: Client Script-Sample Scripts
ServiceNOW : Knowledge Management
ServiceNOW: Client Script & basic functions
ServiceNOW : Changes in Incident,Change & Service Catalog Module in Helsinki(latest version of ServiceNOW)
ServiceNOW : Reference Qualifier

ServiceNOW Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1 : CMDB
Part 3: SLA
Part 4 : Scripts
Part 5: Table & Data Dictionary
Part 6: ACL
Part 7: Workflow
Part 8: Service Catalog


Question: Which User can see tickets, messages and mails of other user ?.
Answer: Delegate is defined in user record which is the user who receives the email or approver in case of absence on main user.

Question: where does the global text search appear?
Answer: It is available in the Banner frame of servicenow instance, it is used to search anything in servicenow database using keyword.

Question: ESS Users can see which of the modules ?
Answer: ESS users are the user with no role, they are also known as end users. They can only see their requests & incidents which are stored in modules – My Requests, Requested Items, Incidents.

Question: How role should be assigned to users?
Answer: Roles should not be directly assigned to users , roles should be rather assigned to group & then user should be added to that particular group. It is best practice to assign roles to group instead of users.

Question: What does Key Icon on banner indicates in Service Now ?
Answer: Key icon is called Impersonation button , On clicking it we can see the profile of any other user for testing. You can login as different user & see the view. It is only enabled for ADMIN user.

Question: How can an end user see his submitted requests?
Answer: Since end user can not see all the modules of servicenow instance , ess user can only view self-service module. To view request , ess user need to go to My request> requested item.

Question: What is the best practice assignment of user to a group?
Answer: Any role assigned to the group is automatically is inherited to the users. All the users added in any group has all the roles which are assigned to that particular group.

Question: Who is a deligate?
Answer: A person who can look into other persons business works and profile and see others approvals.

Question: Among the following statement is correct regarding assignment of roles?
Answer: Create a custom roles make it contain some other roles, and if the user is given this role all the roles it contain are automatically assigned to that user.

Question: The color of the banner is kept different for dev and qa instances, this is done which of the following steps?
Step 1: Goto module : Css

Step 2: Click on :Banner and list caption

Step 3: Select HTML code for the color you want to select & type in the color code.

Question: Give the correct sequence for the number of seats in an typical service now instance. 1 given to maximum number of seats and 4 referring to the minimum number of seats.
Choices: a. 1. Essusers  2. Itilusers  3. Delegate Admins  4. Admins

Answer: 1. Essusers 2. Itilusers  3. Admins  4. Delegate Admin

Question: How report can be made visible to users without logging into the system ?
Answer: Report module has the feature of publishing any report by publishing its URL to all the users & by making the report public. This makes report public & all the users can view it.

Question: What does the home icon does?
Answer: The home icon shows the list of homepages available. Homepage contains reports & gauges which can be customized as per user requirement. Any report from report module can be added in homepage. news gauge can also be added in homepage.

Question: Which of the following influence the performance of the instance?
Answer: Set refresh to off or either set fresh time to a very long time. If frequency is set to shorter duration, instance will refresh the instance frequently & this will in turn reduce the system performance.

Question: What means by Impersonate User?
Answer: Impersonate User can shift to any other user for testing. User can login from different users profile, it is enabled only for admins.

Question: Homepage is same for all the users?
Answer: No , it is not same for all the users, ess , itil & admin have different homepages which can be customized as per their requirement. Also customized homepage for any user can be made.

Question: On homepage which among the following shows that  the  current homepage is the one on which changes would be done.
a.add content
b.switch to page
c.change layout

Answer: d. Page option refers to the current homepage which is being selected.


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