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ServiceNOW Training

ServiceNow Training Course
ServiceNOW Admin Training Course
ServiceNOW Development Training Course

ServiceNOW Hands on

ServiceNOW : How to get personal ServiceNOW instance to start exploring
ServiceNOW : List & Forms Administration
ServiceNOW : Reporting Module
ServiceNOW : Scheduling and Publishing Reports
ServiceNOW : Scripts & APIs
ServiceNOW : Workflows
ServiceNOW : Service Catalog Module
ServiceNOW : Incident Management
ServiceNOW : Change Management
ServiceNOW : Configuration Management
ServiceNOW: Business Rules & basic functions
ServiceNOW: Business Rule- Sample Scripts
ServiceNOW: Client Script-Sample Scripts
ServiceNOW : Knowledge Management
ServiceNOW: Client Script & basic functions
ServiceNOW : Changes in Incident,Change & Service Catalog Module in Helsinki(latest version of ServiceNOW)
ServiceNOW : Reference Qualifier

ServiceNOW Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1 : CMDB
Part 3: SLA
Part 4 : Scripts
Part 5: Table & Data Dictionary
Part 6: ACL
Part 7: Workflow
Part 8: Service Catalog

ServiceNOW : How to get personal ServiceNOW instance to start exploring

ServiceNOW provides personal instance to explore existing modules as well as create new applications & scripts to get hands-on experience in the tool. You just need to follow the steps below to get your own instance & start exploring.

Step 1:
Go to site : https://developer.servicenow.com

Step 2: Click on Register & fill in all details & create your account. This will open a page as shown below:


Step 3: Go to ‘Manage’ & then click on ‘Instance’.

Step 4: Click on ‘Request Instance’. Your instance would issued to you with the respective URL & credentials.

Step 5: Once you login you will be asked to change the password. select new password & save it.

NOTE: Instance might go to sleep mode due to inactivity for 10 days. In that case click on site mentioned in step 1 & login. Go to ‘Manage’ & then ‘Instance’. You will be asked to Wake up instance, click on it & your instance will wake.


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