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ReactJS Training

ReactJS Training Course

ReactJS Training Course

ReactJS Introduction
What is ReactJS and overview of ReactJ
Why and use of ReactJS?
Basic overview of HTML/CSS/JS
Benefits of using React in your application

Getting Familiar with JSX
What is JSX
Syntax for JSX
Benefits of JSX

Render and Update your first ReactJS element
Render your first React Element
Update your first React Element

Components and Props
React components Introduction
How to create your own components
Props Introduction
How to create Props
How to extract Components

Component Lifecycle
component lifecycle Introduction
What is State
What are Lifecycle methods
What is a local State
How to update State
Methods related to State.

Handling Events in React
Using Event Handlers in React
Methods for Event Handling

Dynamic or Conditional Rendering of components
Syntax for rendering components conditionally
How to keep a component from rendering
Inline if/else Conditions

Lists and Keys
What are lists and how to render lists in React
What are Keys
Extracting Components from Keys
Best practices for using Keys

Forms in React
Form Elements in React
How to embed different types of forms in React
What are Controlled Components

Lifting State up
Example of Lifting component state up.
When to lift component state up

Composition & Inheritance
Why to use Composition over Inheritance in React

Build your own Single page Application using React JS


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