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SOA SUITE 11g Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is SOA Suite ?
Chapter 3: SOA Suite Architecture
Chapter 4: SOA Suite Components
Chapter 5: BPEL
Chapter 6 : Mediator
Chapter 7: Business Rules
Chapter 8: Human Task
Chapter 9: Adapters
Chapter 10: Error Handling

SOA SUITE 11g Training

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Training Course

SOA SUITE 11g Installation

Part 1: SOA Suite Server Installation
Part 2: JDeveloper Installation
Part 3: Start and Stop Server

SOA SUITE 11g Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1: SOA Suite Basics
Part 2: Installation
Part 3: SOA Suite Architecture
Part 4: BPEL
Part 5: Mediator
Part 6: Business Rules
Part 7: Human Task
Part 8: MDS
Part 9 : Adapters
Part 10 : File and FTP Adapter
Part 11 : Database Adapter
Part 12 : JMS Adapter
Part 13 : Error Handling
Part 14 : Security-OWSM

Part 9 : Adapters

Question: What is Adapter ?.
Answer: Adapter in SOA Suite is used to connect SOA composite to external systems/applications. We use these adapters to connect to source/client and target/reference systems. i.e. These adapter used for both Inbound and outbound interactions.

Questions: What is the architecture of Adapters used in SOA Suite tool?.
Answer: SOA Suite adapters based on JCA. JCA stands for Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA), it is a Java-based technology solution for connecting application servers and enterprise information systems (EIS) as part of enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions.

Question: What all types of adapters we have in SOA Suite tool?.
Answer: We have following types of adapters in SOA Suite tool.
• Oracle Technology adapters
• Legacy Adapters
• Packaged Application
• Oracle Application

Question: What all types of technologies adapters available in SOA Suite tool ?.
Answer: We have following technologies adapters in SOA Suite tool.
• File Adapter
• FTP Adapter
• JMS Adapter
• DB Adapter
• AQ Adapter
• Oracle Applications Adapter
• Socket Adapter

Question: What all adapters transactional and non-transactional ?.
Answer: Below adapters known as transactional adapters as these adapters support transactions.
1. Database Adapter
2. JMS Adapter
3. AQ Adapter
4. MQ Adapter

Below adapters known as non-transactional adapters as these adapters does not participate in transactions.
1. File Adapter
2. FTP Adapter

Question: What all files we get when we use these adapters in SOA Suite composite ?.
Answer: Generally we see following files when we use these technology adapters in SOA Suite composite.
2. JCA
3. XSD
4. Mapping File (In case of DB Adapter).
5. Properties File (In case of DB Adapter)

Question: Do we have option to build custom adapters ?.
Answer: Yes, we can also build custom adapters in SOA Suite tool.

Question: Do we need to install these adapters separately or we get these pre-installed ?.
Answer: We need to install these adapters jar file separately, these jar files/adapters gets deployed when we Install Weblogic and SOA Suite server.

Question: Do we need to perform any configuration while using these adapters ?.
Answer: We need to perform required configuration on Admin console that used by adapters at run time. We generally create Outbound Connection Pool for each adapter and configure it in adapter during development.

Question: What is Outbound Connection Pool ?.
Answer: Outbound connection pools in a resource adapter are configured in the ra.xml and weblogic-ra.xml deployment descriptors. You can also use the Administration Console to modify the pool’s properties.

Question: What will happen if we specify wrong Outbound Connection Pool in Adapter ?.
Answer: If we specify wrong Outbound Connection Pool in adapter during development then adapter throw an error during run time.


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