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SOA SUITE 11g Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is SOA Suite ?
Chapter 3: SOA Suite Architecture
Chapter 4: SOA Suite Components
Chapter 5: BPEL
Chapter 6 : Mediator
Chapter 7: Business Rules
Chapter 8: Human Task
Chapter 9: Adapters
Chapter 10: Error Handling

SOA SUITE 11g Training

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Training Course

SOA SUITE 11g Installation

Part 1: SOA Suite Server Installation
Part 2: JDeveloper Installation
Part 3: Start and Stop Server

SOA SUITE 11g Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1: SOA Suite Basics
Part 2: Installation
Part 3: SOA Suite Architecture
Part 4: BPEL
Part 5: Mediator
Part 6: Business Rules
Part 7: Human Task
Part 8: MDS
Part 9 : Adapters
Part 10 : File and FTP Adapter
Part 11 : Database Adapter
Part 12 : JMS Adapter
Part 13 : Error Handling
Part 14 : Security-OWSM

Part 2: JDeveloper Installation

JDeveloper is a IDE tool used to develop SOA Suite applications and projects. Follow below steps to install it.

Download the JDeveloper setup file. Oracle JDeveloper comes as executable jar file so we need to run it using command prompt. Open the command prompt and go to java bin folder and run below command.

Java -jar Jdeveloper_jar_File_Path

Setup will extract the file and run the installer.

Start Setup

Start Setup

We can choose either existing middleware home or can create a new home for JDeveloper. Sometime we can face issue when we use same middleware home where we have installed SOA Suite server so in that case we need to create separate middleware home for JDeveloper Installation.

Click on next and choose default option in next screens.

Select Middleware Home

Select Middleware Home

SOA Suite Extension

To create SOA Composite through JDeveloper, SOA extension needs to be there install in JDeveloper. To add that extension open the JDeveloper first. When you open it , it show below screen. Click on ok.

Open Jdeveloper

Open Jdeveloper

Now go to Help and choose Check for updates. This open the update wizard. Click on next. Then check first two options and click on next.

Select Updates

Select Updates

From the list choose SOA composite editor and click on next.

Select Extension

Select Extension

Setup will download the required setup, once done restart the JDeveloper.


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