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SERVICE BUS 11g Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is Service Bus ?
Chapter 3: OSB Architecture
Chapter 4: OSB Components
Chapter 5: OSB Protocols
Chapter 6: Reporting & Monitoring
Chapter 7: Error Handling

SERVICE BUS 11g Training

Oracle Service Bus 11g Training Course

SERVICE BUS 11g Installation

Part 1: Oracle Service Bus Installation
Part 2: Start and Stop Server

SERVICE BUS 11g Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1: OSB Basics
Part 2: Installation
Part 3: OSB Architecture & Components
Part 4: OSB Message Flow

Part 2: Installation

Question: What all components/Products needs to be installed before we Install Oracle Service Bus tool ?.
Answer: Following components needs to be installed before we install Oracle Service Bus.
1. JDK
2. Database
3. All Required Schema (Created using RCU)
4. WebLogic Server

Question: Which application server required for Oracle Service Bus tool ?
Answer: Mostly WebLogic server is used as application server for Oracle Service Bus tool.

Question: Which IDE we use for Oracle Service Bus tool ?.
Answer: We use Eclipse IDE for Oracle Service Bus tool. However we can also do OSB development using SB console.

Question: What is domain ?.
Answer: A domain is the basic administration unit for WebLogic Server instances. i.e. Domains include a special WebLogic Server instance called the Administration Server, which is the central point from which you configure and manage all resources in the domain.

Question: What is Administration Server ?
Answer: A domain has one WLS instance configured as an admin server. The admin server provides a central point for managing a domain.

Question: What is Managed Servers ?
Answer: All other WLS instances in a domain are called Managed Servers. Managed servers host application components and resources.

Question: What is Cluster ?
Answer: Cluster is a group of server instances that work together as a single runtime unit from a client perspective. Clustering provides scalability and high availability for applications.

Question: Can we install OSB on top of SOA Suite ?
Answer: Yes, we can install OSB in the same domain where SOA Suite tool in installed. We need to extend the existing domain.

Question: How we can deploy OSB Code to server ?.
Answer: There are different methods to deploy OSB Code to server.
1. Through Eclipse IDE
2. Do development using SB console
3. Scripting (Ant, WLST etc.)

Question: What is customization file ?.
Answer: Customization file is used during code deployment. This is a xml file where we specify the parameters that we want to replace while doing the deployment to next environment.


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