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SOA SUITE 11g Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is SOA Suite ?
Chapter 3: SOA Suite Architecture
Chapter 4: SOA Suite Components
Chapter 5: BPEL
Chapter 6 : Mediator
Chapter 7: Business Rules
Chapter 8: Human Task
Chapter 9: Adapters
Chapter 10: Error Handling

SOA SUITE 11g Training

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Training Course

SOA SUITE 11g Installation

Part 1: SOA Suite Server Installation
Part 2: JDeveloper Installation
Part 3: Start and Stop Server

SOA SUITE 11g Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1: SOA Suite Basics
Part 2: Installation
Part 3: SOA Suite Architecture
Part 4: BPEL
Part 5: Mediator
Part 6: Business Rules
Part 7: Human Task
Part 8: MDS
Part 9 : Adapters
Part 10 : File and FTP Adapter
Part 11 : Database Adapter
Part 12 : JMS Adapter
Part 13 : Error Handling
Part 14 : Security-OWSM

Part 1: SOA Suite Basics

Question: What is SOA ?
Answer: SOA stands for Service Oriented Architecture. SOA is not any tool, rather is a concept and there are many tools in the market based upon this concept. In this SOA Concept, we use SOA layer as middle or intermediate layer between services so that these service can communicate with each other.

Question: Benefits of SOA ?.
Answer: Below are the major benefits that we get from SOA.
1. Loose Coupling : This means that the service requester has no knowledge of the technical details of the provider’s implementation, such as the programming language, deployment platform, and so forth. The service requester typically invokes operations by way of messages — a request message and the response — rather than through the use of APIs or file formats.
2. Cost Cutting
3. Better reuse: Build new client functionality on top of existing Business Services.
4. Well defined interfaces: Make changes without affecting clients
5. Easier to maintain : Changes/Versions are not all-or-nothing
6. Better flexibility

Question: What is Oracle SOA Suite Tool ?
Answer: SOA Suite tool is a middleware tool from Oracle which is based upon SOA concept comes under Oracle Fusion Middleware stack. We use this tool for integration purpose .i.e. This tool is used to integrate two system/applications etc.

Question: Is Oracle SOA Suite tool state full ?
Answer: Yes SOA Suite tool is a state full tool, that means in this tool we store every state in database i.e. we store all the incoming messages, transformed messages, outgoing messages to database along with timestamp.

Question: How many components we have in Oracle SOA Suite tool?
Answer: We have total 5 components in Oracle SOA Suite tool as mentioned below.
1. BPEL : Business Process Execution Language
2. Mediator
3. Business Rules
4. Human Task
5. Spring


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