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SERVICE BUS 11g Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is Service Bus ?
Chapter 3: OSB Architecture
Chapter 4: OSB Components
Chapter 5: OSB Protocols
Chapter 6: Reporting & Monitoring
Chapter 7: Error Handling

SERVICE BUS 11g Training

Oracle Service Bus 11g Training Course

SERVICE BUS 11g Installation

Part 1: Oracle Service Bus Installation
Part 2: Start and Stop Server

SERVICE BUS 11g Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1: OSB Basics
Part 2: Installation
Part 3: OSB Architecture & Components
Part 4: OSB Message Flow

Part 1: OSB Basics

Question: What is OSB?
Answer: OSB stands for Oracle Service Bus and it is part of Oracle Fusion Middleware stack.

Question: Why we need OSB?
Answer: OSB is primarily used for routing purpose. We use OSB to connect to source and target systems and route the message to internal components.

Question: OSB is stateless, what does that mean?
Answer: OSB is stateless, that means it does not save its state. We do not have instances in OSB as we have in Oracle SOA Suite, there is no out of box functionality to track the messages in OSB i.e. we can’t see what request message we receive and what response message we sent. We need to use Log or Report actions to see that message payload.

Question: What all features we have in OSB?
Answer: We have following features in OSB
1. Faster as it is stateless
2. Service pooling
3. Service Result caching
4. Throttling
5. Alerts (SLA and Pipeline)
6. Monitoring framework
7. REST support
8. In built variables

Question: What is difference between Oracle SOA Suite and OSB?
Answer: Following are the differences between Oracle SOA Suite and OSB.
Oracle SOA Suite:
1. It is stateful tool, used when we deal with critical transactions
2. Mainly used for orchestration
3. Used for long running processes
4. Used when we need business rules and human intervention
Oracle Service Bus:
1. It is stateless tool
2. Mainly used for routing
3. Used for synchronous process
4. Used as a virtual layer to encapsulate business logic

Question: Does OSB support MDS?
Answer: In OSB 11g version MDS support is not there. However in 12c version we do have MDS support.

Question: What is context variable in OSB?
Answer: Context variable in OSB is pre-defined variable that is getting used at runtime.

Question: What all type of context variable available in OSB?
Answer: We have following types of context variables in OSB.
1. Message Related context variable
2. outbound & inbound context variable
3. fault context variable
4. operation variable


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