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SOA SUITE 12c Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is SOA 12c ?
Chapter 3: SOA 12c Features
Chapter 4: Integration Debugger
Chapter 5: Templates
Chapter 6: Service Bus
Chapter 7: Enterprise Service Scheduler
Chapter 8: Managed File Transfer

SOA SUITE 12c Training

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Training Course

SOA SUITE 12c Installation

Part 1: SOA 12c Installation

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Training Course

Overview of service-oriented architecture (SOA)
Oracle SOA 12c Features
XML, XSD, WSDL and SOAP Introduction

Overview of the fusion architecture
Overview of the Weblogic server& domain
Overview of the SOA server and Meta data schemas.

Installation of SOA 12c
Creation of domains
Integrated domain
Standalone domain
Installation steps for SOA extension
Installation steps Oracle Database (XE)
Installation /Creating steps required schemas (RCU) 12c
Installation steps SOA 12c
Creating the SOA domain
Installation steps SOA extension
Preparing the start and stop scripts for SOA server
Installation document for each installation

SCA Architecture

SCA Introduction & SCA components
Service Components & Binding Components
Description of Composite xml.
Describe SOA Composite Editor

BPEL Introduction & BPEL 2.0 Activities
BPEL overview
BPEL Templates
BPEL 2.0 features
BPEL 2.0 activities
Create Hello World BPEL process.
Deploy application to SOA server

Deployment, Debugging & Testing
Different deployment methods
SOA Debugger Introduction
HTTP Analyzer Introduction
Deploy Composite from EM console & Jdeveloper
Debugger Composite using SOA Debugger
Test composite from HTTP Analyzer & EM console

Templates & Sub Process
Template Introduction
Project Template
Component Template
Custom Activity Template
Sub processes Introduction
Inline Sub processes
Standalone Sub processes
Create, Import and Use Project Templates
Create, Import and Use Component Templates
Create, Import and Use Custom Activity Templates
Create, Import and Use Inline Sub processes
Create, Import and Use Standalone Sub processes

Mediator introduction
Routing Rules in Mediator and Types
Create composite with Mediator component
Invoke Reference from Mediator

REST Service
REST introduction
WADL file introduction
Create RESTful services with GET & POST method with XML
Create RESTful services with POST method with JSON
Invoke RESTful services

MDS introduction
New features introduced in MDS
SOA Design time repository
Create, Delete MDS folders & Deploy Files to MDS
Export, Import of MDS files
Refer MDS files in Composite

Adapters and Accessing Adapter from BPEL
Adapter Framework
File/FTP Adapter
Advanced Queuing
Database Adapters
JMS adapters
Coherence Adapter Configuration
Default and Custom Cache for Coherence Adapter
Coherence Adapter Usage
File, JMS, DB Adapter
Coherence Adapter

Fault Handling and Exception Management
Fault types
Fault handling Framework new features
Design fault policies files
Catch and CatchAll blocks
Generate Business Fault and Handle it using Catch blocks
Handle technical (Run Time) Faults using Catch & catch All block
Handle faults using Fault Handling Framework

Enterprise Service Scheduler
ESS Introduction
ESS Components
Schedule SOA Composite

Managed File Transfer
MFT Introduction
MFT installation
MFT console overview
MFT components and features
File Transfer using MFT

Industrial SOA
Composites Lazy loading
SOA Composer
New FMW dashboard
Error Hospital and recovery


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