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Service Bus 12c

Service Bus 12c Training

Oracle Service Bus 12c Training Course

Oracle Service Bus 12c Training Course

• Overview of Service and Web Service
• Overview of service-oriented architecture (SOA)
• Need for OSB
• Difference between OSB and SOA
• How 12c is different from 11g

OSB Basics
• Introduction to XML
• Introduction to XSD
• Introduction to WSDL elements
• Difference between concrete and abstract WSDL
• Introduction to SOAP

Lab Activity
• Create XSD from scratch
• Create XSD from XML
• Create WSDL from scratch

• Overview of the OFMW architecture
o Overview of the WebLogic server& OSB domain
o Overview of the admin & managed Server and Meta data schemas
• OSB 12c Installation
o Standalone Installation along with default domain
o Full Installation along with compact and expanded domain

Note: Installation guide provided for standalone and Full Installation with detail steps

Components- Proxy & Business Service
• Introduction to OSB components
• Proxy Service Introduction
• Business Service Introduction
• New features in 12c

Lab Activity
• Create proxy & business service using JDeveloper
• Create proxy & business service using SB Console

Components- Pipeline
• Introduction to Pipeline
• Benefits of Pipeline component
• Message Flow introduction
– Components
– Actions
• communication
• Flow Control
• Message Processing
• Reporting

Lab Activity
• Add pipeline component to OSB project
• Go through each message flow component
• Go through each action in message flow

Components- Split Join
• Introduction to Split Join
• Benefits of Split Join
• Types of Split Joins
– Static Split Join
– Dynamic Split Join
• Parallel processing using split joins

Lab Activity
• Parallel processing using static split join
• Parallel processing using dynamic split join

OSB Debugger and HTTP Analyzer
• OSB Debugger Introduction
• Benefits of Debugger
• HTTP Analyzer Introduction

Lab Activity
• Debug Validate Credit card sample using OSB debugger
• Test the OSB sample using HTTP analyzer

• Template Introduction
– Pipeline Template
• Benefits of template and need for template

Lab Activity
• Create pipeline template
• Deploy pipeline template
• Use pipeline template in OSB application

Messaging and Routing
• Message context model Concept
– Variables in OSB
• Routing in OSB
• Service Callout Introduction

Lab Activity
• Create variables in using JDeveloper and SB Console
• Content Based Routing
• Dynamic Routing
• Invoke external service using service callout

• XSLT Introduction
• Xquery Introduction
• Benefits of Xquery

Lab Activity
• XML transformation using XSLT
• XML transformation using Xquery

• REST introduction
• WADL file introduction

Lab Activity
• Create Restful services with GET & POST method with XML
• Create Restful services with POST method with JSON
• Invoke Restful services
• Convert SOAP service to REST service with one click

OSB and SOA Integration
• Introduction to SOA-Direct Protocol
• Different method available for SOA and OSB integration

Lab Activity
• Invoke Synchronous SOA Service from OSB Using SOA-Direct
• Invoke Asynchronous SOA Service from OSB Using SOA-Direct
• Invoke Asynchronous SOA Service from OSB Using HTTP
• Invoke Synchronous OSB service from SOA

• Introduction to MDS
• Why MDS needed ?
• Types of MDS
• New features introduced in MDS
– SOA Design time repository

Lab Activity
• Create, Delete MDS folders & Deploy Files to MDS
• Create file and DB MDS connections
• Export, Import of MDS files
• Usage of MDS file in OSB application

• Introduction to JCA

Lab Activity
• Adapter Covered
File/FTP Adapter
• XML and Flat File
• File polling
• File reading and Writing
• FTP Outbound Connection Pool
Advanced Queuing
• Reading and sending message
• Configuration
Database Adapters
• Data Source and Connection Pool Introduction
• Table Polling (Logical and Physical Delete)
• CRUD operations
JMS adapters
• Queue and Topic
• Configuration
• Reading and Writing

Error Handling
• Error handling Introduction
• Different error handlers
• Reply & Resume Activity Introduction
• Log & Report Activity Introduction

Lab Activity
• Generate Business Fault
• Handle Business Fault
• Handle Technical Faults
• Generate Fault Alerts

Advance Topic
• Introduction to Enterprise Service Scheduler
• ESS Components
• Schedule services from ESS
• Introduction to Managed File Transfer
• Installation of MFT
• MFT Console overview
• MFT components and features
• File Transfer using MFT


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