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OpenStack Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2 : Openstack Introduction

OpenStack Installation

Chapter 1: Openstack Mitaka Installation using packstack

OpenStack Hands on

OpenStack 1:User management
OpenStack 2: Service Management

OpenStack Training

OpenStack Training Course

OpenStack Training Course

VirtualBox Setup configuration for OpenStack Deployment.


Cloud Introduction and features

  • Cloud types
  • Virtualization concepts
  • *-as-service model


OpenStack Introduction

  • Origin of OpenStack
  • OpenStack Foundation intro
  • OpenStack Releases and Projects.
  • OpenStack Project Process
  • OpenStack Deployment
  • OpenStack Architecture


Perform Automated Installation of OpenStack using Packstack utility.


Keystone Identity Service

  • Introduction to Keystone Architecture
  • Configure and use the Keystone authentication services.
  • Hands on Keystone examples like creating users/Tenants/Roles.
  • Service Management and Endpoint Management.


Glance Image Service

  • Introduction to Glance Architecture
  • Use Glance image service
  • Hands on using Images service like creating new image and import OVF/QCOW2 format images.


Nova Compute and Controller service

  • Introduction to Nova Compute Architecture
  • Introduction to Nova services.
  • Install, configure and manage compute services.
  • RabbitMQ message queue service.
  • Hands on Compute tasks like creation/deletion of new instance allocating network/images/disk and flavors.


Neutron networking service

  • Introduction to Neutron Architecture
  • ML2 driver mechanism
  • Networking concepts and types
  • Network packet flow
  • Security Groups and Floating IP.
  • Hands on Networking tasks like creating private/public network, Creation of router and security rules.


Cinder Block Storage Service

  • Introduction to Cinder Architecture
  • Introduction to Cinder services
  • Configure and use Cinder storage service.
  • Manage Cinder Volumes


Swift Object Storage Service

  • Introduction to Swift Architecture
  • Introduction to Swift components
  • Install, configure and use Swift Storage service.
  • Create containers and upload object data


Heat Orchestration Service

  • Install and use Heat orchestration service
  • Launch a stack using preconfigured templates


Horizon Dashboard service

  • Introduction of Horizon service.
  • Perform all the operation using Dashboard UI.


Compare Multiple Cloud Offerings in market Like RedHat OpenStack/HP Helion OpenStack/ Mirantis OpenStack.


Minimum Hardware and Software Requirement.

  1. Desktop/Laptop with minimum 4-8GB RAM and 60GB disk.
  2. VirtualBox Software latest release.
  3. CentOS 7 ISO image.
  4. Admin privileges on desktop/laptop to create multiple virtual network.
  5. Good internet speed to download required Linux package

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