BigData and Hadoop Training Course

Java Fundamentals
Basic java concepts (Object,Counstructor,Inheritance,Overriding)
File I/O –Java. IO
Collections –Java.Util.*, Java.Math, Java.Lang
Java Serialization
Eclipse IDE – Java Development.

Hadoop Fundamentals
What is Big Data? Why Big Data?
Hadoop Architecture & Components
Hadoop Processing – Map Reduce, Spark Frameworks

Hadoop Architecture And HDFS
Hadoop1.x (HDFS Basis)
Hadoop2.x (YARN , Federation )
File Storage
Fault Tolerance, High Availablity
Hadoop Configuration File
Single Node Cluster / Multinode Cluster
HDFS Commands

Map Reduce
What Is MapReduce?
Basic MapReduce Concepts
Hadoop 2.x MapReduce Architecture and Components
Input Splits , Relation Between Input Splits and HDFS Blocks
Concepts of Mappers, Reducers, Combiners and Paritioning
Demo (Word Count , Weather DataSet)
Advance MapReduce
Counters , Distributed Cache
MapSide Join , Reduce Side Join
Inputs and Output formats to MR Program

What Is Spark?
Basic Spark Concepts
How Spark differs from Map Reduce?
Spark Ecosystem
Working With RDD
Spark SQl
Saprk Streaming
Spark GraphX

What is Hive, why we need it and its importance?
How Hive is different from Traditional RDBMS
Metastore in Hive
Hive Data Types , Modeling in Hive, creating Hive structures and data load process.
Concepts of Blocks, Hashing, External Tables etc.
Concepts of serialization, deserialization
Different Hive data storage formats including ORC, RC
Introduction ton HiveQL and examples.
Joining Table
Concepts of Partitioning, Bucketing, Indexing
Hive as an ELT tool and difference between Pig and Hive
Writing and mastering Hive UDFs and Thrift Server

Pig and Latin
Basics of Pig and Why Pig?
Pig’s Data Model (Data Types)
Apache Pig Architecture
Relational Operators (Group Operator, COGROUP Operator, Joins , Union, Diagnostic Operators)
Writing Evaluation (Programming Structure in Pig)
Load & Store Functions
Benefits of Pig over SQL language
Built In Functions
Execution of xml file using Pig

Introduction to NoSQL
HBase – Introduction (HBASE v/s RDBMS )
When to use HBase
Hbase Architecture
HBase Families & Components
HBase Data Model
Data Storage and Distribution
HBase Master

Flume and Sqoop Demo
Oozie Components, Oozie Workflow,
Scheduling with Oozie, Demo on Oozie Workflow,
Oozie for MapReduce, PIG, Hive, and Sqoop
Hadoop Project Demo,

Projects in Hadoop will also be covered in this training