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SOA SUITE 11g Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is SOA Suite ?
Chapter 3: SOA Suite Architecture
Chapter 4: SOA Suite Components
Chapter 5: BPEL
Chapter 6 : Mediator
Chapter 7: Business Rules
Chapter 8: Human Task
Chapter 9: Adapters
Chapter 10: Error Handling

SOA SUITE 11g Training

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Training Course

SOA SUITE 11g Installation

Part 1: SOA Suite Server Installation
Part 2: JDeveloper Installation
Part 3: Start and Stop Server

SOA SUITE 11g Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1: SOA Suite Basics
Part 2: Installation
Part 3: SOA Suite Architecture
Part 4: BPEL
Part 5: Mediator
Part 6: Business Rules
Part 7: Human Task
Part 8: MDS
Part 9 : Adapters
Part 10 : File and FTP Adapter
Part 11 : Database Adapter
Part 12 : JMS Adapter
Part 13 : Error Handling
Part 14 : Security-OWSM

Chapter 9: Adapters

It is a JCA Binding component, which is a lightweight implementation that uses JCA standards for inbound and outbound communications. It provides an interaction layer between the integration server and another application. This enable interoperability with heterogeneous applications, provided by different vendors, based on different technologies and platforms. The JCA Binding component allows composite application to integrate with a service exposed through the adapter as if it were a Web service. i.e. These adapters help us to connect to external system for both inbound and outbound interactions.



Types of Adapters:

1. Oracle Technology adapters
2. Legacy Adapters
3. Packaged Application
4. Oracle Application

Types Of Adapter

Types Of Adapter

Further technology adapter are of following types:

Types Of Technology Adapters

Types Of Technology Adapters


These adapters are used to connect to file and FTP system. File adapter is used to read both flat & XML files from local file system. FTP adapter is used to read both flat & XML files from remote machine. We can perform below operations in these adapters.

a. Read file
b. Write file
c. Sync Read
d. File Listing


These adapters are used to read the messages from JMS, AQ & MQ. JMS is open/Java standard, AQ (Advanced Queue) is oracle standard and MQ (Message Queue) is IBM standard. We can perform below operations in these adapters.

a. Read
b. write
c. Sync Read & Write


This adapter is used to interact with database. we can connect to different databases (like Oracle, DB2, SQL etc) using this adapter. In case we need to connect to non-oracle databases then we need to import require drivers as these drivers are there by default. We can perform below operations in this adapter.

a. Call stored procedure
b. CRUD operations
i. Select
ii. Delete
iii. Update
iv. Insert
v. merge
c. Poll for new or changes records
d. Execute pure SQL


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