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iOS Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is iOS ?
Chapter 3: MVC Coding Pattern
Chapter 4: Basics of Swift & Objective C
Chapter 5: Objective C Fundamental
Chapter 6: Swift Language
Chapter 7: Swift 2.0
Chapter 8: iOS Development Basics
Chapter 9: App Store Process
Chapter 10: Github
Chapter 11: Conclusion

iOS Installation

Part 1: Xcode Setup

iOS Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1: iOS Basics
Part 2: Objective C
Part 3: Web Services
Part 4: Database
Part 5: XCode & Framework

iOS Hands on

Sample 1: iOS App

Chapter 9: App Store Process

In this chapter we are going learn very most important concept that is App store process. It is nothing but, when we build iOS apps we need to upload that to app store , so that you can get the user experience in your application. It’s help us to improve our design, coding, some time we can start building highfy apps. You know how?.The basic thing is, whenever we upload our app in app store, user can download from app store and they review and share comments in our profile.

Before we ship any app in app store, we need to have apple developer account ( membership), then only we can be able to upload apps in app store.

Build an app archive :

First open your project in Xcode. Before we proceed to app store process, we need to perform follow pre-requisites.

● There should be no error in our project
● There should be app icon, launch screen
● App should be tested in real device.

If you get any error try to debug that and make sure that you have apple developer membership and select your project and under general tab select your code signing as your account name.

If you need to get the membership account to submit your app in app store. You can follow iTune connect or apple developer portal.

Now go to your project and click “Build settings”. Under that select code signing, in that select the option like below image

Code Signing

Code Signing

Now Go to select the device and select iOS device.

Select iOS Device

Select iOS Device

Then Go to product ­-> select archive. Then one window opens, in right side select validate. After that you get message “successfully validated”. Then click submit to app store on same right side. It ask some option in that select “submit to iOS app store”




Create a app list in iTune Portal:

In this portal login with Apple developer id and then create a new app and enter all the details about app like app id, bundle id. Then follow all the instruction in that iTune portal including :

● App icon
● Bundle Id
● Description
● version
● forms for review

Then click + symbol with name “Build”. It show the app that you have submit in your xcode project. After enter all details , select “ Submit for Review “.That’s it. Then you get a mail from apple with each status.



When your app is approved from app store, you get a mail that “ Your app is Ready for sale “ Or else if any bugs in your app, you get a status “ Your app get rejected”. So these are the things you have to follow while you submit app to app store.

This is not important for new developers to ship your app in app store. But it is very important to know how the flow app store process works. Get more about app store submission process from here.

App Store Process

App Store Process

The conclusion steps for iOS app store submission :

● Enrol the program
● Provision Device
● Create iTune Record
● Submit the app
● Ship app


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