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SOA SUITE 12c Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is SOA 12c ?
Chapter 3: SOA 12c Features
Chapter 4: Integration Debugger
Chapter 5: Templates
Chapter 6: Service Bus
Chapter 7: Enterprise Service Scheduler
Chapter 8: Managed File Transfer

SOA SUITE 12c Training

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Training Course

SOA SUITE 12c Installation

Part 1: SOA 12c Installation

Chapter 7: Enterprise Service Scheduler

ESS stands for Enterprise Service Scheduler and it is used for scheduling purpose. It is a new component that is introduced in 12c version. Earlier in 11g version we use to have Quartz scheduler or our own custom schedule to schedule SOA composites and other services but in 12c version ESS has been introduced as pre built component for scheduling purpose.

With Enterprise Scheduler we perform below tasks.

1. Define the job : Here we define the Job that we want to schedule. Jobs may be of different type as mentioned below. We select the job from pre-defined job types drop down and mention require parameter for that job like for Web Service Job Type (SOA service) we mention Service WSDL URL, Service Name and Port type.

• Java job for executing Java code.
• Web Service Job to execute different type of services like SOA Suite, Service Bus services. Further we define job for Synchronous, Asynchronous and One Way service.
• EJB job to execute EJB’s.
• Process job to execute command-line command.
• PL/SQL job.

2. Define the schedule for a job : In this step, we define the schedule for the job that we defined in above step i.e. we set the scheduling time for the job like we need to run that SOA service once in a day at particular time only.

3. Submit Job request : In this step, we link up defined job with defined schedule. Here we choose the job from pre-defined jobs that we need to schedule and choose the schedule from pre-defined schedule for the job. We can also define new schedule if we don’t have any pre-define schedule.

Enterprise Scheduler also provide monitoring capabilities, we can get snapshot of all processed job requests, service instances , service components and it also tell us how scheduler is performing and how it performed earlier.

We can also use this scheduler for administration tasks also like we can schedule the purging, schedule the instance recovery etc. We can also use this scheduler for MFT (Managed File Transfer) where we can schedule the file transfer as per our need.

Enterprise Scheduler also provide the capability to schedule secure service i.e. we can schedule secure SOA Suite, Service Bus or other service from scheduler as it support all OWSM policies.


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