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SERVICE BUS 11g Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is Service Bus ?
Chapter 3: OSB Architecture
Chapter 4: OSB Components
Chapter 5: OSB Protocols
Chapter 6: Reporting & Monitoring
Chapter 7: Error Handling

SERVICE BUS 11g Training

Oracle Service Bus 11g Training Course

SERVICE BUS 11g Installation

Part 1: Oracle Service Bus Installation
Part 2: Start and Stop Server

SERVICE BUS 11g Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1: OSB Basics
Part 2: Installation
Part 3: OSB Architecture & Components
Part 4: OSB Message Flow

Chapter 5: OSB Protocols

We use adapters in Oracle SOA Suite to connect to external systems but in Oracle Service Bus we use protocols to connect to external systems. There are some in-built (pre-defined) protocols in Oracle Service Bus as mentioned below.

• file
• ftp
• sftp
• jms
• mq
• jca
• local
• sb
• ejb
• email
• Http
• tuxedo

Let’s discuss about some important protocols.

File Connectivity Protocols

We use file,ftp,sftp protocols for file connectivity. These protocols are used to read or write the file (both XML and Non-XML) from/to source and target system.

file protocol is used for local file system and ftp & sftp protocols used for remote file systems.

Queue Connectivity Protocols

We use jms, mq protocols for queue connectivity. jms protocol is used to connect with JMS queue or topic. mq protocol is used to connect to IBM messaging queue.

Database Connectivity Protocols

There is no out of box protocol available to connect to database from OSB. To connect to database from OSB, we create adapter in JDeveloper, import jca, xsd and WSDL file to OSB project and use that jca file to generate required services. If we open that service and check the protocol, then we see jca protocol selected.

Web-Service Connectivity Protocols

We use http protocol to connect to external web services. For secure communication we use Https instead of Http.

Local Connectivity in OSB Protocols

There are some scenario when we do call one proxy service from another proxy service. There are two protocols available to do perform that connectivity, either we use http or we can use local protocol. Since this is local connectivity so local protocol is preferred one.

Email Connectivity Protocols

We use email protocol to deal with emails in Oracle Service Bus. We can also use alerts and SMTP server to send email to someone from Oracle Service Bus.


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