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SOA SUITE 12c Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is SOA 12c ?
Chapter 3: SOA 12c Features
Chapter 4: Integration Debugger
Chapter 5: Templates
Chapter 6: Service Bus
Chapter 7: Enterprise Service Scheduler
Chapter 8: Managed File Transfer

SOA SUITE 12c Training

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Training Course

SOA SUITE 12c Installation

Part 1: SOA 12c Installation

Chapter 4: Integration Debugger

Integration Debugger

We use to build complex logic in SOA composite and sometime it become very difficult to debug the composite when issue arises as in 11g version, there were no such of out of box feature available to debug SOA composite, we use to debug the composite through Enterprise Manager console by going through composite instance and flow trace.

SOA Debugger is a new feature introduced in SOA 12c which helps us to debug the SOA Composites. With this feature we can easily debug composite from JDeveloper itself. Along with debugging we can also modify the variable content that make it more useful.

Toggle BreakPoints

Debugger uses breakpoints to debug the flow. We can add breakpoints at composite level as shown in below diagram. As we can see , there are three options available. We can add break point pair or we can add breakpoint either for Request or for Reply. We use Breakpoint Pair when we have synchronous flow.

Composite Breakpoints

Composite Breakpoints

We can also add breakpoints at component level i.e. we can add breakpoints at activity level in BPEL process.

Component Breakpoints

Component Breakpoints

How It Works

We follow below steps to debug SOA Composite.

1. Add breakpoints to SOA Composite (Composite level and Component level)
2. Start the Debugger
3. Start debugging your composite by clicking on “Initiate WS Debugging”.
4. Debugger stops at breakpoint, where we check the variable content and if required we can variable content.
5. Step Over to go to next breakpoint
6. Finally stop the Debugger


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