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SOA SUITE 12c Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is SOA 12c ?
Chapter 3: SOA 12c Features
Chapter 4: Integration Debugger
Chapter 5: Templates
Chapter 6: Service Bus
Chapter 7: Enterprise Service Scheduler
Chapter 8: Managed File Transfer

SOA SUITE 12c Training

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Training Course

SOA SUITE 12c Installation

Part 1: SOA 12c Installation

Chapter 3: SOA 12c Features

Developer Productivity

Oracle introduced lot of new features under this theme for developers as mentioned below.

• Introduced single package installer for developers where we need to run only one installer and that will install Java DB, WebLogic, SOA Suite, Service Bus, Enterprise Manager all together, we need to install this components separately as we use to do in SOA Suite 11g. This single packaged installer use Java DB for database operation which is very light version hence increase productivity and response time.

Templates has been introduced as outcome of developer demand to reduce redundancy. Many types of templates has been included in this version that helps developer to re-use the code at difference levels. Along with templates, sub-processes has been introduced also that helps us to BPEL functionality.

SOA Design Time MDS comes with lot of improvements that we don’t have in earlier 11g version, now we can.
create, delete & rename folder directly from JDeveloper
Export and Import MDS artefacts from one MDS repository to other.
Design time wizard to move files to MDS from Project.

SOA Debugger is new improvement done in this version and as result of this now we can debug our composite that may be simple or complex in JDeveloper itself, we can add breakpoints at critical points in the composite for debugging. Further we can modify the variable values while doing debugging also. In earlier 11g version we use to debug our composite from EM console only.

Fault Policy Editor helps to provide developer a UI where they can implement fault handling framework, earlier we use to do this manually but now it is all configurable.

• Earlier in 11g anyone who has access to EM console can easily see all incoming and outgoing messages but sometime we have critical details that we can’t expose to anyone. To fulfil this requirement Encrypt/Decrypt Sensitive Information feature introduced that helps us to encrypt particular element inside a message so anyone who has access to EM console will not be able to see that text in plain form.

Industrial SOA

Oracle introduced many features under this theme. Below are the major one’s that we identified.

ESS stands for Enterprise Service Scheduler is a new component has been added to this version which is used for scheduling purpose. We can perform different tasks like scheduling of Composite, schedule purging, schedule MFT etc. with the help of ESS.

Composite Lazy loading feature provide faster server start-up time as here we do not load all the composites at server restart, we only load the composite when we receive request for that. Further this feature can be enabled or disabled by setting this property to true of false in Mbean server properties.

• Oracle provided comprehensive FMW dashboard in this version, here we get all the information at one place. We can see all the faults and alerts with category of each under one screen only. It provide on-request loading of composite instances.

Flow Trace has been improved as we can see all full flow of our composite that may include SOA Suite, Service Bus, MFT etc. Now we need to switch to various consoles (for different tools) to see the flow trace.

Error Hospital and Fault Recovery has been introduced in this version where we can group the composite based upon different categories and can also do bulk recovery.

SOA Composer has been improved in this version as now we can see composite visualization in browser, we can enable and disable the sensor at runtime.


Under this theme that is based on industry trend, Oracle enable REST support for SOA services, now we can expose SOA composite as REST service over XML and JSON.


Cloud adapter has been added in this version that help connect to cloud from SOA Suite.


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