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SOA SUITE 11g Tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is SOA Suite ?
Chapter 3: SOA Suite Architecture
Chapter 4: SOA Suite Components
Chapter 5: BPEL
Chapter 6 : Mediator
Chapter 7: Business Rules
Chapter 8: Human Task
Chapter 9: Adapters
Chapter 10: Error Handling

SOA SUITE 11g Training

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Training Course

SOA SUITE 11g Installation

Part 1: SOA Suite Server Installation
Part 2: JDeveloper Installation
Part 3: Start and Stop Server

SOA SUITE 11g Interview Questions and Answers

Part 1: SOA Suite Basics
Part 2: Installation
Part 3: SOA Suite Architecture
Part 4: BPEL
Part 5: Mediator
Part 6: Business Rules
Part 7: Human Task
Part 8: MDS
Part 9 : Adapters
Part 10 : File and FTP Adapter
Part 11 : Database Adapter
Part 12 : JMS Adapter
Part 13 : Error Handling
Part 14 : Security-OWSM

Chapter 2: What is SOA Suite ?

Oracle SOA Suite is member of Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products which is based upon SOA- Service Oriented Architecture so first we need to understand about SOA- Service Oriented Architecture concept. SOA- Service Oriented Architecture as name suggested this concept further based upon services. So let’s first understand services & web service concept.

Service is a unit of work that perform some business function i.e. it is piece of code written in any language that performs some business function. E.g. Card validation function created in Java. Service is always local to you, not available to anyone. To make it available to everyone we deploy it over web.

When we deploy any service over web, it become web service as anyone who so ever has access can access that service over web. As shown below, external application accesses the web service by passing required request parameter and in turn it receive response message.

Web Service

Web Service

Now we understood about service and web service, now let’s talk about SOA-Service Oriented Architecture.

SOA – Service Oriented Architecture is essentially a collection of services. These services communicate with each other. The communication can involve either simple data passing or it could involve two or more services coordinating some activity. In below diagram, boxes above & below SOA Architecture layers depicts services. As shown this SOA layer helps these services to communicate with each other.

SOA Concept

SOA Concept

As we understood about SOA concept, now let’s talk about Oracle SOA Suite tool.

Oracle SOA suite tool is based upon SOA concept where we create services, manage services and orchestrate services into composite application and business processes. There are other middleware tools also in the market that are based on this SOA concept but out of all these Oracle SOA Suite is most popular tool.

Advantage and Features of Oracle SOA Suite tool:

1. Very minimal or no coding required as we build business process and flow from pre-build components and activities.
2. SOA Suite can be used to deliver more loosely-coupled services.
3. We can build new client functionality on top of existing Business Services.
4. Well defined interfaces- make changes without affecting clients.
5. It is standard platform which is service enabled and easily consumable by modern web applications.
6. It provides single design-time experience, single run-time infrastructure, end-to-end monitoring and greatly simplifies the work of building, maintaining and monitoring distributed SOA implementations.
7. It is hot pluggable means it can natively run on, other vendor’s middleware also.


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