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ADF 12c

ADF 12c Tutorials

Chapter-1: Introduction
Chapter-2 : Benefits of Oracle ADF
Chapter-3 : Oracle ADF architecture

ADF 12c Training

Oracle ADF 12c Training Course

Chapter-2 : Benefits of Oracle ADF

Benefits of Oracle ADF

The enterprise application which supports and runs the enterprise should be dynamic enough to adapt to the changing Business eco system and scale with the growth of the enterprise. Oracle ADF complies with these needs in the following ways:

  • ADF provides solution for enterprise building from inception to post production phase.
  • ADF being declarative in nature improves the developer’s productivity.
  • ADF rich client has over 150  user rich interface components , with graphs, charts enabled with asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). This makes the Web pages production ready by wiring them to the business data.
  • Oracle ADF gives the developer ample flexibility to choose technology for each layer of application.
  • ADF built enterprise applications inherit the layered architecture of the underlying ADF stack thereby minimizing confusion in choosing the right architecture.
  • ADF has a lot of tuning options to comply to the application in production.
  • Oracle ADF framework supports modular architecture werein you can bundle multiple modules to build a composite application



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