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  1. In previous chapters we saw how to code with Objective c.In this chapter we see how to use Objective c with iOS programming to create iOS app. Now we learn about View, Navigation controller, UI Elements, UIStoryboard, Autolayout, Delegates in practical not in theoretical. Navigation controller : A navigation controller manages a stack of view […]
  2. Swift 2.0 also includes a lot of new language features and refinements. Expect to see blog posts exploring the features in more depth, and be sure to watch for the WWDC sessions covering these topics all this week. A few of the new features include: Error handling model: The new error handling model in Swift 2.0 will […]
  3. Swift is a new programming language for iOS, OS X, and watchOS app development. Nonetheless, many parts of Swift will be familiar from your experience of developing in C and Objective ­C. Swift provides its own versions of all fundamental C and Objective ­C types, including Int for integers, Double and Float for floating­point values, […]
  4. In this chapter we fully concentrate on Objective C language with some more important concepts to build iOS application. When we build apps for OS X or iOS, we spend most of our time working with objects. Those objects are instances of Objective ­C classes, some of which are provided for us by Cocoa or […]
  5. The very first thing to keep in mind is that, for creating any type of iOS app we must be strong in basic syntax of programming. In this chapter we explain the basic syntax and the main difference between two languages (objective c & swift). Let’s first see some important concepts involved in swift. Variable […]
  6. Generally we have different type of coding pattern and we choose coding pattern based on what type of apps we are developing.But the common coding pattern that is recommended for beginners is MVC Pattern. What is MVC ? MVC stands for Model View Controller, as mentioned earlier it is one of the coding pattern used […]
  7. Basic Needs before start building iOS apps: • Objective ­ c • Apple Machine • XCode • Design Tools To build iOS apps we need to have basic understanding of some programming languages. Even new non programmers can also start from basics to build iOS apps. There are two thing to follow to build iOS […]
  8. iOS Introduction iOS is nothing but , an operating system which runs in Apple devices like iphone, ipod,ipad. Now we have many version are available for iOS. And the current version is iOS 9.Learning iOS is much simple if you understand the concepts clearly. Audience This tutorial is designed for all the professional who interested […]
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