Ethereum- How to Install NodeJs on Windows

Ethereum- How to Install NodeJs on Windows

In this blog post, we show you how to setup or install NodeJs on windows system.

This is first post of series where we discuss about setting up development environment for Ethereum that we need before we start with smart contract development.

Let's see how to Install NodeJs on windows.

If you prefer to watch video then go over below video and see the NodeJs setup.

Watch Video- How To Install NodeJS on Windows

We have two options to setup NodeJs on windows as mentioned below.

  1. Using chocolatey
  2. Using direct window installer

Let's go over these options one by one.

Pre-requisites: .Net framework need to be installed on the system, if that is not installed then visit the Microsoft website and download the .Net framework and install on your system.

Before we go to below step, we assume that you have installed .Net framework on your system.

Using Chocolatey

This is recommended option from our end but before we setup NodeJS , we need to install chocolatey on windows system.

To Install chocolatey visit below link and go to "Install with cmd.exe" section.

Now run below command as given on above link on window command prompt.

@"{1d6e369f27b3b55fac77a13f30e13d2b04ce9713b9295394d4a423074fd2099f}SystemRoot{1d6e369f27b3b55fac77a13f30e13d2b04ce9713b9295394d4a423074fd2099f}\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -NoProfile -InputFormat None -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))" && SET "PATH={1d6e369f27b3b55fac77a13f30e13d2b04ce9713b9295394d4a423074fd2099f}PATH{1d6e369f27b3b55fac77a13f30e13d2b04ce9713b9295394d4a423074fd2099f};{1d6e369f27b3b55fac77a13f30e13d2b04ce9713b9295394d4a423074fd2099f}ALLUSERSPROFILE{1d6e369f27b3b55fac77a13f30e13d2b04ce9713b9295394d4a423074fd2099f}\chocolatey\bin"

This command install chocolatey on window system. Now let's see how to install NodeJs on windows using chocolatey, for that run below choco command and that will download and install NodeJs on the system.

 choco install nodejs.install -y


Wait for some time and NodeJS gets installed on the system.

Using direct window Installer 

Go to below link and download the window installer. Run that executable file and choose default option.

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